Hemp and Hops

Montrose County Fairgrounds
1001 N 2nd St, Montrose, CO 81401
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Event Description

Announcing the first ever Hemp and Hops event to take place in beautiful and bountiful Western Colorado, a hemp and hops hotspot!

We hope you will join us as we collaborate, educate and celebrate the amazing cannabis plant and its cousin, hops. This first of its kind experience will be held August 24th and 25th, at the Montrose county fairgrounds brand new, (and gorgeous we might add) event center!

This will be hosted by Hemp and Hops farmers, professionals, enthusiasts and advocates who would like to connect and highlight these blooming industries. We feel that it is imperative to provide an educational experience that is focused on attracting the general public, the local law enforcement community and facilities of higher education, in a celebratory environment designed to normalize hemp and excited future consumers.

We are focused on developing a strong foundation for positive growth, on creating leverage and security for farmers, and on highlighting ideas for how we can lead the way in industry innovation and standards.

We want to showcase the many benefits these industries are bringing to our areas both economically and environmentally, and how continued growth will offer a sustainable economic future for Western Colorado’s communities, and serve as the catapult for re-developing this industry across the country!

This is a family friendly event. Children under 12 are free.


August 24th: 2:00pm - 6:00pm 

August 25th: 10:00am - 6:00pm

  1. Hemp and Hops
    3:00pm to 7:00pm
  2. Hemp and Hops
    3:00pm to 7:00pm
  3. Hemp and Hops
    3:00pm to 7:00pm