Before the Parting Glass

Rockin Road to Dublin

There’s no better way to fill an audience with energy than with Irish dancing. Pair that with rock and roll and here’s a performance that can’t be missed. Personally, I’m in love with all things Irish. Whether it’s the famous green rolling hillsides, the accent, the bagpipes, the love of all things romantic, the rough and rowdy blokes with beers or the traditional folk melodies, Ireland has always had a special place in my heart. The dance though, that’s true Irish spirit. It’s no surprise I’m not alone in that sentiment.

Consider our melting pot society. Irish dancing is something very nearly in all our blood. In fact, the earliest forms of Irish dance represent a major blending of westernized culture and population shifts in our ancestry. This took place through migration and invasion dating back as far as the Iron Ages. Somewhere around the eighteenth century a new kind of person emerged from Ireland - The Dance Master. This teacher was a man you’d find traveling from place to place. He would teach dance to anyone and everyone in the villages, especially the peasant folk. No joke. You wonder why all the Irish seem to know an informal jig or two? They’ve had a couple hundred years to practice. These Dance Masters kept to strict districts so many versions of the same dance could be found in different parts of Ireland. The art of dance was some serious business and bragging rights. Solo dancing or step dancing first appeared at the end of the eighteenth century. Those who rose above others in skill were revered and honored. People would literally take the doors off of their hinges to give a lad or lass with talent something to dance on. Eventually a rich heritage of Irish dance was assembled and modified over the centuries.

I’m so glad I’ll be able to bask in the Irish glory this November. Grand Junction has been missing entertainment like this. Culture and prestige all boiled down to fun and excitement on the stage. I wish it were more than just one night. There’s going to be something for everyone to write home about. Classic Irish dancing meets rock concert meets musical story telling in this entertainment packed show. The audience is encouraged to clap and stomp and shout along in true Irish form. The band is made up of award winning instrumentalist. Irish Dance Champions and dancers from across the country make up this talent-packed troupe. Need I say more?

Well, I’ll let the Irish Dance Magazine get in one last tid-bit as they’ve raved on the Rockin Road to Dublin show before saying, “It’s a fabulous mix of charisma and personality. WORLD-CLASS. Scott and Chris have made magic!”

So make sure to get your tickets for November 3rd at the Avalon Theatre! One night only to catch the magic. Rockin’ Road to Dublin will come to pass and we’ll fill the parting glass before we know it! Slainte!