Crash and Burn at the Mesa County Fair!

I’ll admit it. I’m not the biggest car person on the Western Slope. Let’s be honest. I know nearly nothing about them. I know they’re big, expensive, metal, contraptions on wheels that go fast and can be dangerous under the wrong circumstances. Not exactly a guru but maybe that’s why I like demolition derbies. I don’t need to know much more than that to enjoy watching cars smash into each other over and over. There’s something so satisfying about this display of destruction. To be sure, I believe there’s a part of us all that secretly craves the mayhem. Think about it. The High Middle Ages had jousting, the Romans had Gladiators, and we have lots of things but the Demo Derby is right up there.

I know there are a lot of risks involved but all things being equal, I don’t see why we can’t enjoy a night at the demolition assuming injury and malfunction are cautioned against. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Enter common derby rules. Yes, there are rules. Much like the rules of the road they’re pretty simple and are typically as follows: Standard seatbelts and helmets are required because, you know, safety first. Also a driver can’t plow into the driver’s seat of the other car or go for the flip-over. Thank goodness. Batteries and gas tanks are moved around while glass and lights and the like are all taken out beforehand.

So see? There’s no need to hold back when we cheer and chant and all together encourage the drivers to plow into each other. More than likely there’s been a lot of TLC put into these vehicles destined for a brutal one-night-stand. Some people will work for months on their Junkyard Dog just hoping to be the last car standing. I’ve seen some that have been cut strategically to look like jaws with teeth and others with the names of some sorry folks written on each plow-worthy corner. To some, it’s really a fine art destroying a machine. We’re just the lucky spectators there for the show.

The crunch of metal on metal collision. The whir of engines going all out and rubber smoke clouds from fast and furious friction. Crashing, smashing, crunching carnage while the crowd goes wild. That’s what it’s all about. You better bet that’s what I’m there for. After the fair food and Ferris Wheel rides come to a close, it’ll be time to get my vicarious smash on in the grandstands. Don’t miss out on June 16th at the Mesa County Fairgrounds! The returning Demolition Derby will be closing out the Fair and trust me, you and yours will want to be there!

For ticket information and pricing, head to Monumental Events homepage for the Featured Events section. Get your tickets in advanced and enjoy the Mesa County Fair 2016!