Here Comes Your Sign

My grandpa is one of the funniest people I know. His delivery is spot on. Here you think you’re listening to a regular story and all of the sudden your laughing. Where’d that humor come from? Like I said, the way he tells his jokes or stories is always meant to get a laugh out of you. That’s his personality. It works so well for grandpas and turns out for comedians too.

One of the funniest comedians I know reminds me of my grandpa. I first saw him on a video called the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour.” To this day it’s is still one of my favorite comedy specials. I dearly love to laugh. Especially at stories that remind us we’re all human and humans are sometimes not the brightest bulbs in the ceiling. If you’ve heard him once, you know right off the bat who I’m talking about…


“…Here’s your sign.”


Now I could spend a page or two just highlighting Bill Engvall’s many awards, appearances, tours, videos, showcases, specials and much more. Instead my focus is simply on how gosh darn funny this guy is. If you want more bio info just Google “Bill Engvall” and have a hay-day.

One of my favorite things about this particular comedian is how he could be just about anyone I know. Like I said he reminds me of my grandpa but sometimes his stories remind me of my teacher or uncle or dad or you get the picture. That’s the magic touch required for good comedy in my opinion. Make us relate to you, make us entertained and of course in the end, make us laugh about it.

I heard from a psychology teacher once that laughter can often be a sign of discomfort. If it’s between laughter and distress, obviously laughter is the better reaction for our psyche. Bill Engvall especially has dialed so well into reiterating familiar, sometimes uncomfortable, scenarios in a way that opens our eyes to the hilarity. He has this bit about his daughter bringing interesting boys home to meet dad and another about his wife wanting to spend more quality time together so they go deer hunting in the woods. As you can imagine discomfort ensues but like any good father or husband should, he can laugh it off at the end of the day (or over and over on stage in front of thousands if you happen to be Bill Engvall).

We’ve all heard the parable that, “laughter is like medicine,” right? Well the doctor will be in on August 28th at the historic Avalon Theatre and you’ll have an enormous dose of laughter in store if you’re on time for your appointment.