PBR Touring Division and the Warriors and Rodeo Event

They say it's the eight most dangerous seconds in the arena. They're probably the brave riders who face off against massive beasts with tempers and walk away without a stretcher. There's fifty points at stake and another fifty for the bull. Best out of one hundred can aim to stake claim to the ultimate PBR title at the World Finale in Las Vegas this November. The Mesa County Fair will proudly welcome some of the best riders in World alongside some of our very own American servicemen who will face the bulls in the grandstands on Friday night.

Early bull riding doesn't resemble much of the organization we see today. The first Cowboys to give PBR its start did so in 1992. It quickly grew into the sport it is, with a fast growing and passionate fan base. With all the ambiance of the great west, the American spirit burns strong in the heart of bull riding and it will be especially strong this weekend as the Warrior and Rodeo organization will introduce some riders of their own in the arena. This non-profit group aims to extend aid to our veteran and active servicemen both locally and abroad. As brothers in the field and brothers at home, profits for W.A.R will go to protecting those who suffer from battles both mental and physical and to protect those that ride in the arena much like they protect us here at home and overseas.

Friday night we'll cheer on riders competing for World and riders defending the world. An awesome event for all ages to join in support and enjoy a night of rodeo entertainment. Bring your best applause for the half-time show as the Battle of the Branches will be determined by an applause meter and may the best servicemen's ride win! We hope to see you at the Mesa County Fair on Friday, July 15th at 7:00pm (gates open at 6:00pm)! Tickets can still be purchased online at monumentalevents.com, Sutherlands, or at the entrance to the fairgrounds.